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When applying for a job, your CV/Resumé will be one of the first documents that the employer will use to judge whether you are suitable for the position. It provides vital information that if presented correctly will create a great first impression and increase the likelihood of attaining a job interview.

Some individuals neglect the importance of this document and do not spend enough time updating and making the information relevant to the position that they have applied for. Each CV/Resumé should be tailored to a specific job and link back to the job description.

An employer may be looking at hundreds of CVs/Resumés to find a suitable candidate, so ensure that yours stands out from the crowd.

A CV/Resumé should always be accompanied by a covering letter. If you have not written a CV/Resumé before, it can be very difficult to know where to start. Here are a few pointers as to what you should and shouldn't include in a CV/Resumé.

You should:

  • Create a CV/Resumé that stands out from the crowd. This is because there will be other candidates applying for the same position as you. To do this, ensure that your CV/Resumé is clear, concise and contains facts.
  • Create a basic CV/Resumé which can then be tailored to a specific job that you are applying for. This makes it appear as if you have created a personal response to their advert, enticing them to read it. For example, you could identify key areas in the job description and tailor your CV/Resumé
  • You should include your contact details at the top of the document, followed by a personal profile. You also need to include any qualifications, work experience and skills listed in chronological order.
  • Include any other achievements or interests that you have. For example running the marathon or helping out at after school clubs. This helps you to colour your CV/Resumé and show your individuality. You should also include any soft skills that you have, and finally two references at the end of your CV/Resumé.
  • Elaborate upon important areas within your CV/Resumé using relevant examples in the form of previous work experience, education or hobbies. Write what you think the employer wants to see and remember to be imaginative.
  • Pay attention to CV/Resumé feedback if you are applying through a recruitment agency. They are experts in this field of work and want you to succeed in attaining the position that you have applied for.

You shouldn't:

  • Include certain information in your CV/Resumé which could affect your chances of employability and ask someone to check over your spelling and grammar. A recruiter may reject your application for this reason.
  • Provide any false work experience or skills. The employer may think you are exactly what they are looking for on paper and may ask you questions in relation to content of your CV/Resumé during the interview. To avoid any embarrassment just be truthful in your CV/Resumé.
  • Use any clichés in your CV/Resumé. This can be hard to achieve but a lot of people state that they ‘work well in a team or individually’. Try to be clever with your content and think outside of the box. This will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Use bold and bright colours in your CV/Resumé This may look appealing to you but in the eyes of an employer it could look unprofessional and unattractive. Keep your CV/Resumé simple but effective.

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