Digital Transformation across the globe is led by the Mobile industry.

Mobile represents 4.2% of global GDP contributing more than more than $3 trillion to the global economy. The rate of growth is currently exponential.

17 million work directly in the mobile ecosystem and a further 15 million indirectly.

Another 3 million direct jobs and 1 million indirect jobs are due to be created by 2020.

mobilejobs.com is the mobile and digital world's melting point for talent acquisition.

Operators, vendors, platforms, social networks, cloud services providers, app developers and IoT enablers are amongst those that lead the way. Automotive, Utilities, Health, Construction, Public Sector & Energy are just some of the sectors whose dividing lines become blurred as they become part of the expanding Mobile sector.

Launched at the Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona with an audience of over 100,000 visitors and many millions more online, it already advertises 50,000 jobs around the world.

2,200 companies, who exhibit and host seminars, will be exposed to the Mobile and Digital world’s most motivated talent. The event is also covered by 3,600 members of the international press and media.

Visitors who make the week-long trip to Barcelona to attend the MWC are obviously highly motivated and inspired by Mobile & Digital.

Visitors are keen to find the best talent, to turn the inspirations they gain at the show into reality, when they get back home to work.

mobilejobs.com will be at MWC Shanghai 28th June to 1st July 2017, and also at MWC Americas 12th September to 14th September 2017.

Companies who advertise on mobilejobs.com will go from show to show with stronger and stronger teams of talent.

Agencies and Recruiters who advertise on mobilejobs.com will give access to their hiring managers to a highly motivated and inspired pool of job seekers.

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