Interview Day

The interview process can be a very nerve racking time for any candidate. With this in mind, we thought we would give you some tips to achieve interview success. We came up with some great ideas, providing a more personal opinion about the interview process, which we hope you may find useful.

  1. Carry out research on the company prior to attending your interview. This will give you a greater understanding of the company in terms of their products, services and competitors. If a question was to arise e.g. ‘what do you think about our company’ or ‘could you tell us about our competitors in the market’ you will be able to answer it in depth.
  2. Try and think of the type of questions you may be asked and prepare these answers beforehand. Try not to memorise your answers word for word as this may come across too rehearsed. Your answers need to flow and reflect your personality, ensuring you relate the answers directly back to your experience, achievements and the job role itself.
  3. Prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview to leave a positive lasting impression. You may want to leave out questions that relate to pay and holiday as you will more than likely receive this information in your job offer. Good examples could include ‘could you tell me what will be the next stage of the process?’ or ‘is there anything else I haven’t demonstrated for the role that we haven’t covered in the interview?’
  4. Take any hard evidence with you that you think is relevant to the role. If you have a record of achievement take it with you as it is a great way to demonstrate your commitment and hard work.
  5. Ask a friend or family member to help you practice your interview technique. Choose someone that is not afraid to give you feedback on your answers as this will help you to improve.
  6. Before you even apply for a position, you need to ensure that your CV/Resume is up to date and adapted to the company and the role. Take a few copies of your CV/ Resume to your interview, one for the interviewer, one for yourself and keeping a few spare in case they are required.
  7. During the interview ensure that you adopt an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Eating a meal prior to your interview is also important.
  8. Consider carefully about what to wear to your interview. You may want to contact the company and ask for their dress code. Wearing smart business attire always creates a great impression. Maintain a good posture and keep eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview.
  9. Always be honest with your responses and don’t oversell yourself. Without being abrupt, try and keep all of your answers as concise and to the point as possible.

We hope these tips make you feel more confident about the interview process.

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