Front End Developer

HTML5 - For you, it would be a sin to write markup which isn't semantic. Using inline styles or JavaScript are crimes in your mind. You're happy to be judged by your source code.

Learn as you go - You have an open mind and are able to pick things up quickly.
Modular CSS - You pride yourself on writing high-quality modular CSS. None of your selectors are overly specific and it would be hard to find !important in any of your stylesheets. It should be easy to take one of your UI element's HTML and put it on another page without having to add or edit CSS.

Easy to work with - You're comfortable implementing someone else's design. Others may take your code and build on top of it; you comment your code and you're open to making any changes needed.
Cross-browser & responsive - Mobile-first media queries and building for the mobile Web are nothing new to you. The pages you create look great on as many devices and in as many browsers as is possible. You believe in feature detection, progressive enhancement, etc.
Bring your opinions - We're continuously improving and we want you to make your voice heard; whether it may be to switch from LESS to lib-sass, ditch jQuery, or even just your opinion on Sublime Text.
JavaScript - It's no problem for you to write some jQuery when needed.
Show us what you got - Nothing speaks louder or shows us more about you than showing us examples of your work. For example: live websites, CodePen, JSFiddle, GitHub, etc.

Nice To Have:

LESS / SASS / etc. - You like using a CSS preprocessor but also understand the potential pitfalls. Your stylesheets are littered with variables and you get a kick out of re-using a mixin.
Flair - You go above and beyond to give your work nice touches like subtle CSS transitions / animations.
Version control - Git, Mercurial or Subversion.
Build tools - You're not afraid of using tools like Gulp / Grunt for compilation, auto-prefixing, linting, etc.
SMACSS / OOCSS / etc - There is a distinct pattern to your code.
Style guides - You create pattern labs, pattern primers or similar to make it as easy as possible for others to build on top of your work.

Perks & Benefits:

Working at isn't like a normal job. We believe in hiring only the best and then looking after them like they deserve. On top of a great financial package, we do everything possible to make a great place to work.

A Competitive Salary, earn what you're worth, with regular reviews.
Unparalleled Freedom in how you do your job. Spot something that needs improving? Off you go, make it happen.
An unmatched Work Environment - built to make life easy and constantly improved.
Only the very Best Equipment - whatever your role, you'll have the very best kit to help you get stuff done.
Commitment to Growth. We want to see our team members grow and expand their skills. We're committed to your long term future at the company and will help you improve and enhance your skills.
Subsidized Gym Membership, you choose the gym.
Discounted Travel Schemes, Bike to Work Scheme, etc.
In-house Games Room.
Plenty of in-house Snacks and Refreshments.
Regular Company-sponsored Lunches and Nights Out.

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