Recycling Technical Operations-Internship

General Responsibilities:

a. Provide scrupulously honest and ethical, management-level direction and
leadership to Employer and all of the European, Middle Eastern, African,
Caribbean and Asia Pacific business units and subsidiaries of Timeline or
Group companies and shareholders, including Timeline GM B.V.
b. Staff all positions reporting to you with excellent professionals who are
fully proficient and effective in their roles;
c. When authorised to do so, Represent Employer and EMEA AP in its
dealings with customers, prospects, vendors, employees, candidates for
employment and representatives of government agencies; to a level as
authorised to do so.
d. Demonstrate behaviour and require the same of all employees reporting
to you that at all times comports with all of the provisions of Employers
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
e. Ensure that every employee reporting to you is fully aware of his/her
responsibilities under the EU Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (the “Act”)
and that all EMEA AP business activity comports fully with the
requirements of the Act;
f. Interact effectively with Timeline employees and agents outside of EMEA
AP; and grow EMEA AP’s business in a profitable and fully sustainable
g. Be an active, positive team member that contributes to the overall team

Specific Performance Requirements:

a. Directly conduct Recycling Technical and Project Operations required to
meet the employers needs to conduct business.
b. Directly conduct activities to support sales, procurement, life cycle and
environmental solutions activities in conjunction with the customer
service, warehouse and Logistics teams.
c. Maintain all required licencing and registration for compliance to
Recycling Technical Operations and related activities.
d. Assist in the conduct Sales, Purchasing, Service and Recycling activities on
assigned accounts as need to support the commercial activities of the
e. Assist in the Execution warehouse activities at both employer owned and
by employer assigned customer warehouses.
f. Manage Recycling Technical Operations facility related issues.
g. Time to time travel to Employers customers, suppliers and projects
globally to meet the employers needs to conduct business.
h. Asisst in the conduct of Purchasing activities to support sales, service,
inventory and other commercial activities on assigned accounts as
needed by the Employer
i. Initially Employee shall be individually responsible for achievement of
their activities and overtime the Employer shall assign a team of
additional staff as per the business needs.
j. All accounts need to be assigned in writing by the Employer and shall
have to be renewed annually with the bonus plan or amended as per the
notification period.

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