Senior Software Development Engineer

job requirements

Number of recruits: 10 people

1, Bachelor degree or above; 2, with J2EE application server, database development experience; 3, familiar with Hibernate, Spring, Ibatis, Struts2, Ant, Junit and other mainstream framework and tools of one or more projects Large enterprise management software development jobs;

Job description

1. Familiar with LAN, XML, Javascript, AJAX, DIV + CSS and other WEB development technology; 3. Familiar with LAMP (Linux, Apache, Java, Java, Java, , Familiar with the database structure and design; 5. Skilled use of struts, spring, hibernate and other common development framework; familiar with JSP, Servlet and other development techniques; 6. Proficient in the development of the database; 4. Familiar with the mainstream database ORACLE, SQLERVER, MYSQL, familiar with the database structure and design; JAVA development language, master Eclipse development tools; 7. To understand the relevant knowledge of seo, with the requirements of seo development; 8. Familiar with the server-related knowledge, server asp, php, java environment configuration, server security maintenance and website, database backup; 9. Have good programming habits, norms, logical; 10. Have a good learning, communication, coordination, have a good team spirit, the work of rigorous;

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