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Do you love to create software? To challenge yourself with interesting problems? To learn new tools, skills, and technologies? Do you take pride in your work? So do we! And we’re looking to add one more A-player to the team.
Internet of Things in vehicles/fleets is a space that’s exploding with exciting ideas and challenges, and we’re right in the middle of it. Our solutions are the premium offering on the market, and with the recent acquisition by Verizon (yes, that Verizon), we’re really putting some muscle behind our product development. It’s an exciting space and an exciting time.
Have great communication skills
Understand and value best practices: unit testing, loose coupling, SOLID principles, defensive programming, immutability, functional programming, etc.
We can count on to independently take ownership and accountability for problems and solutions.
Strive to improve themselves, expand their experience, knowledge and horizons.
Thrive in a team environment
Have opinions and aren’t afraid to express them
Can balance idealism and pragmatism, to be creative with their designs/solutions, but know how to get things done.
The position is a Senior Software Engineer that will work on a team developing a Navigation application for iOS and Android on the Xamarin platform.
Degree in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science
5+ years’ experience
Experience w/ the following is an asset:

Mobile development
Ideal candidate for this position

Will be determined and committed to perform at highest quality and excellence. Will have a laser-sharp focus on goal of on-time and zero-defect delivery.
Will be highly energetic and will strongly believe in on-going learning in order to optimally exploit his/her potential at workplace. Will constantly work towards being the best and to succeed at current assignment/project.
Will be entrepreneurial and will successfully challenge existing paradigms. Will have a vision and will think expansively and outside the box to consistently generate and evaluate highly innovative ideas and solutions.
Will be willing to take risks, will anticipate the consequences of decisions and will generate plans to address them. Will be willing to go against the grain, will have courage to take calculated risks and will have the ability to present his/her point of view in a positive and effective manner.
Will take personal responsibility for ensuring customer satisfaction. Will take customer perspective and will proactively work to address the customer’s current problem and future requirements. Will anticipate and successfully fulfill customer expectations.
Will have the ability to effectively leverage diverse resources. Will work hard to foster positive relationships and will develop win-win solutions when conflicts arise. Will build relationship by making self highly approachable, will seek input from others and will actively listen to concerns and alternate points of view, will make others feel valued and supported.

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