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We want smart, self-motivated product developers who love solving complex problems to join our great international development teams. Good working TDD and other agile experience is essential for our organization. We are looking for you who are passionate about design or about creating advanced automated test scenarios challenging our quality, or why not both!

About you

You are passionate about what you do which is obvious from your actions
You have a talent for software development and computer systems. Your love to discuss software development and are comfortable about sharing this knowledge
You are continuously developing your knowledge through experience, as well as reading and experimentation
You love troubleshooting and digging into complex problems where it is not evident what causes the failed checkpoints or other symptoms you see
You think repetitive tasks are so boring that you do anything to automate them so you can focus on the fun work instead
You have focus and ambition to understand customer needs on developed features
You take pride in understanding the whole product and its environment
Software is more than just a job for you

The role

Our teams are cross-functional, self-organizing, international and highly independent. You’ll be working directly with your Product Owner and stakeholders in a collaborative manner. This requires maturity and a ‘team first’ approach, which may not be right for everyone, but which we believe is the best way to create great software.

The team will design, implement and test the feature, product and system from requirements to production and commercial deployment. Each team has life cycle responsibility for a part of the product.

Among other things, Unit/Component Test, Refactoring, Continuous Delivery and Automated Performance Testing are defining concepts and we are constantly improving our ways of working. We are not perfect and not afraid to say so. We are on a journey: there’s plenty of challenges waiting for our solutions and we need keep learning new things on the way. We believe in trying new things that suits your team, e.g.:

Software Craftsmanship
Reserved time for improvements and innovations
Katas, Coding Dojos
Knowledge sharing from external channels

Our product, tools and infrastructure places high technical requirements on the team including high-performance application development, low latency requirements, multi-threaded/multi-process troubleshooting, and embedded system development in an environment with huge amounts of data.

Technologies we use and need to master

To understand our product, knowledge of IP Protocols and Routing in an embedded environment is essential. Most of our product code is C/C++, test and development scripts are developed in TTCN, Perl and Python.

We are interested in candidates from a variety of backgrounds, with a keen understanding of IP protocols and IP-based routing in an embedded environment and a passion to learn and develop new skills. Here is a (non-exclusive) list of technologies that we currently use:

C/C++, TTCN, Python, Perl
Linux development, working with high performance Linux application
GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins
L2/L3, Routing, 3GPP
tcpdump, wireshark and other packet analysis tools
Debugging, analyzing core dumps, GDB, ASAN, Coverity
Network simulators

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