Senior Engineers - Systems Architecture

Position Duties and Responsibilities:
• Roadmap/Vendor Management: Using knowledge of wireless network architecture, technologies and concepts, drive vendor’s Roadmap to ensure T-Mobile requirements are adequately met and close any gaps. Drive vendors for timely development and delivery of base station hardware, software and system features per T-Mobile requirements.
• Functional, Deployment, and Operational Design: Using knowledge of radio hardware/software plus end to end cell site installation process, create functional network designs, MOPs, and standard operational processes to achieve optimum fit, integration, and operations efficiency. Provide network design documents for new system(s) and feature(s) deployment.
• Support Network Validation: Develop lab and FOA test plans for new hardware and major software releases and key features. Support the feature verification in lab and FOA when design level support is required. Apply knowledge of cellular network KPI to review impact of new software and features.
• Feasibility Analysis: Support internal analysis by documenting options and impacts via research and definition of technical requirements. Present technical strategies or options to decision makers.
• SME Operational Support: Support Performance Management, Capacity Planning, troubleshooting and Operational teams for T-Mobile Systems. Serve as a subject matter expert and demonstrate in-depth understanding of wireless network technologies and standards and hardware configurations.
• Apply advanced experience with Wireless Network Architecture including eNodeB, NodeB, BTS, MME, RNC, BSC and related technologies including LTE, UMTS and GSM, and concepts including voice and data call flows, VoLTE, SIB Messages, idle and connected mode mobility, Spectral efficiency techniques;
• Apply technical experience with LTE/UMTS/GSM marco-cell and micro-cell radio hardware, site support cabinet and power systems;
• Apply technical experience with LTE/UMTS/GSM software features and parameters;
• Apply technical experience analyzing cellular network key performance indicators, drop call rates, access failure rates, voice quality index, data throughput; and
• Apply technical experience with the end to end cell site installation process for radio hardware, baseband, site support cabinet, active and passive antenna systems and interconnecting equipment.

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