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In a highly agile environment, T-Systems is driving the Internet of Things. Our IoT division is expanding and growing. T-Systems IoT Platforms through the entire product lifecycle from conception to retirement , You want to play a major role in T-Systems IoT activities.


Assess the existing device portfolio, develop a vision of the future
IoT consisting of own, partner, and third-party devices compatible with T-Systems IoT platforms
Enable device manufacturers to integrate T-Systems IoT solutions into their products by implementing a device enabling strategy
Conduct market intelligence, business case development, pricing, prioritization of product requirements and make vs. market intelligence. buy
Develop a deep understanding of the competitive environment; IoT customers and relevant suppliers of IoT products
Understand market requirements and translate into tangible solutions
Define overall device strategy and roadmap. Envision and detail product concepts based on industry knowledge, interact with customers and our sales teams, align these requirements with management, marketing, engineering, finance, procurement, and other product stakeholders
Create product requirement and specification documents in the context of agile product development
Manage device development and introduction projects. Work closely with internal and external engineering, design, development teams to build the best possible customer experience, and secure fast time to market by working with partners and suppliers
Evaluate engineering, design, and production tradeoffs and drive the solution with a strong push for optimization
Plan, monitor and report the performance of our IoT device portfolio using sales figures and other KPIs
Lead and motivate a dedicated team to support all activities effectively

- German version -

In today's agile environment, T-Systems is a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT). Our IoT area is constantly expanding and expanding. As a Product Manager for IoT Devices and as a member of the Product Management Team, your job will be to build and expand the bridge between the two worlds of business and technology, and to manage a portfolio of devices that will support the compatibility of devices with the Systems IoT platforms includes, as well as the entire product life cycle from conception to finalization of the product. You will also be responsible for smaller tasks in the IoT area of ​​T-Systems.


Evaluation of the existing device portfolio, development of future visions and definition of all necessary implementation steps
Orchestration, enhancement and monitoring of the device portfolio for the industrial IoT, based on own devices, but also on those of partners and third party providers, which are compatible with the T-Systems IoT platform
Device manufacturers allow device integration to integrate T-Systems IoT solutions into their own products
By observing market developments (identifying and analyzing trends, products and providers), you will be able to develop business cases, perform pricing, prioritize product requirements, and make decisions about in-house manufacturing or sourcing in the context of products and services
Developing a deeper understanding of the competitive environment, which includes requirements from both significant IoT customers and relevant suppliers of IoT produ

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