By submitting information through email, telephone agreement, signed service agreement or online, you will be deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions, and you will be granted access (subject to receiving payment) to our database in accordance with this. You agree that the information you have provided is correct, truthful and complete. You also agree to inform us by email, telephone or post about any changes to the information you have supplied us. We reserve the right to terminate this agreement in the event of any information provided to us is no longer current or accurate.


“Client Content” means all or any part of the content and materials (including advertisement any other media content) supplied or made available by the client in connection with the services.

  1. General
    1. Mobile Jobs Limited cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the CVs stored in our database. You acknowledge and accept that this is beyond our control. Mobile Jobs Limited will not offer refunds for any fees paid in event that the information on a CV is not accurate.
    2. You acknowledge and accept that all rights to information provided by candidates are confidential, and that such information may not be used in any way that infringes the confidentiality of those candidates. You agree not to disclose any information provided by the candidates to any third parties not directly related to the recruitment process of the candidate in question.
    3. You agree that you do not object to us using any personal details which you have provided to us to contact you to help Mobile Jobs Limited improve our service to you, requesting payments, discussing account status etc. You also agree that discussing any of the above is not a breach of your rights under the Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999.
    4. You agree that your details will be available to all Mobile Jobs Limited’s staff. We will not disclose these details to anybody outside of Mobile Jobs Limited.
    5. Reselling of Mobile Jobs Limited services from 'recruitment agencies/flat fee companies' to other recruitment agencies is not allowed on the site and an account can be cancelled if found to be doing this, without prior permission from Mobile Jobs Limited.
    6. The calls between you and Mobile Jobs Limited may be recorded for staff training purposes.
    7. The headings of the paragraphs do not form part of this agreement, they are for information only.
    8. You agree that Mobile Jobs Limited may vary these terms and conditions providing less than 14 days’ notice to you.
    9. Any notices sent between you and Mobile Jobs Limited shall be sent by email or first class post. Mobile Jobs Limited will send all notices to the last address provided by the client or via . The client should send all notices to Mobile Jobs Limited’s registered office. The notices shall be deemed to have been received two business days after the date of dispatch.
    10. The terms and conditions of this agreement are governed by English Law, and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
    11. The terms and conditions outlined in this document, along with the online registration form or a signed Order Form, constitute an agreement between you and Mobile Jobs Limited.
  1. Job Board
    1. All jobs posted onto Mobilejobs.com or any other of its associated sites must exist in the location advertised, unless the advertiser is offering a franchise opportunity. If it is the case that the advertiser is offering a franchise opportunity, this needs to be stated clearly in the job description.
    2. The job title needs to reflect the description of the role. It must not include locations, slogans or salaries.
    3. Emails and URLs within job descriptions are not allowed. The site will automatically remove these.
    4. A detailed description and a list of required skills required for the role need to be mentioned in the job description. Any contact names should not be mentioned in the job description.
    5. The job description needs to mention if any training is required for the job and whether there is a charge for this. Likewise, if there is not a guaranteed job at the end of the training it needs to be made clear to the candidates who wish to apply for the job.
    6. The vacancy described must be accurate and not mislead the candidate in any way. The job description must contain sufficient detail in order for the candidate to understand the nature and basic requirements of the job. For example if the job is commission based, requires candidates to work in multiple locations or involves selling a product/service 'door-to-door' it must be stated on the vacancy.
    7. Job credits must be used within contract period; time will not be extended for job credits that have not been posted or posted part of the way through the contracted period (for example, if you sign up for one job credit over a one month contract and this is posted on day 21 the job will expire on the last day of the one month contract).
  1. Client Content
    1. All client content will be issued and delivered to Mobilejobs.com in a compatible format which matches the technical specifications asked for by the company.
    2. The client undertakes and warrants that its use of all client content (including advertisements and all other media content) comply with all applicable laws and codes of practice and shall not be defamatory, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable and shall not infringe any copyright, trade mark or other rights of any third party.
    3. When issuing client content, you give your consent and grant Mobile Jobs Limited the right to use and display all content on the Mobile Jobs network.
  1. Database
    1. Downloading or leeching our CV database, wholly or in part, for any reason other than recruiting for a current vacancy is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate cancellation of your account, without refund. Downloading using any software other than a browser is also strictly forbidden and will result in immediate cancellation of your account, without refund. Legal action may be taken against you.
    2. Contacting our candidates for any reason except recruitment is strictly forbidden. You will comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and, in particular, shall take all appropriate technical, organisational and security measures to prevent unauthorised access, loss and use of personal data relating to the candidates.
    3. You agree that only fixed users have access to the account. Mobile Jobs Limited may immediately cancel your account, without refund, if any unauthorized users attempt to access the account, or if the account is accessed from other locations.
  1. Discrimination Policy
    1. Mobile Jobs Limited does not discriminate against anyone registered to or using Mobilejobs.com or any other of its associated sites. We try to ensure that all possible measures are taken to prevent any vacancies advertised or searches do not discriminate against anyone regardless of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, religion, political opinion, nationality, ethnic background, social origin, social status, disability, age or union membership. It is down to the users themselves to ensure they comply with discrimination laws.
  1. Your obligations and undertakings
    1. You agree that Mobile Jobs Limited may remove any advertisement posted that breaks these rules, at the discretion of us and without any liability to you.
    2. You agree not to use Mobile Jobs Limited to post anything offensive, to promote anything illegal, or to harass anyone. You may not post:
      1. Pornography or other sexually explicit material
      2. Promotions of anything illegal
      3. Posts that violate our terms, or we believe are not connected to the primary concern of Mobile Jobs Limited or that of recruitment.
    3. Also, there are some industries that send certain types of content that result in higher than normal complaints, which in turn jeopardise the integrity of our entire system. We reserve the right to remove, at any time decided by us, from Mobile Jobs Limited the details of those companies whom we believe may in any way restrict our users from their primary goal of finding new employment.
  1. Charges
    1. You agree to pay the whole balance (in pounds sterling) of your account prior to the commencement with Mobile Jobs Limited. You agree that all payments will be made by cheque, credit/debit card or bank transfer. You acknowledge and agree that in the event of payment failure by you or the person responsible for such payment transactions, Mobile Jobs Limited may terminate your account and cancel this agreement immediately. We may also pursue payment in a court of law.
    2. You agree to the payment structure agreed with your account manager, and agree to be charged in accordance to this. All payments must be in pounds sterling.
    3. You agree that Mobile Jobs Limited may alter the above rates within 14 days of notifying you of such changes, although any changes will not come into effect until the end of your contract period (3, 6, 12 months). If you do not wish to continue this agreement with the altered rates, you may terminate the agreement in accordance with section 8 of this agreement.
  1. Termination
    1. The terms and conditions written in this agreement will continue unless terminated by you or Mobile Jobs Limited, by notice in accordance with this section.
    2. We reserve the right to terminate this agreement immediately upon the occurrence to any of the following events, with no further obligation to you:
      1. You fail to pay any payments to Mobile Jobs Limited in accordance with section 7.
      2. You are a limited company and call a meeting of creditors or are otherwise the subject of proceedings under the Insolvency Act of 1986, or are unable to pay your debts as they fall due within the meaning of section 123 of the Insolvency Act of 1986.
      3. If you are an individual declared bankrupt or enter into any agreement or compromise with your creditors.
      4. If any of the terms and conditions are breached in this agreement.
    3. You will not disclose your username and/or password to anyone outside of your company. If this was to occur, Mobile Jobs Limited reserve the right to terminate this agreement immediately and seek compensation. Mobile Jobs Limited shall not be liable for any losses, damages or claims which result directly or indirectly from any person obtaining any passwords that we have issued you.

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